John Accardi explains how organisations can meet digital transformation goals

John Accardi explains how organisations can meet digital transformation goals

Mazars’ principal of enterprise solutions for Microsoft reveals how a range of Dynamics 365 solutions can solve unique challenges  

Amber Hickman |

Organisations are continuing to pursue digital transformation but as technology rapidly advances, it can sometimes be difficult for them to know which solutions they should invest in.  

Furthermore, recent stories of business achievements that have been accomplished with new technology such as artificial intelligence have set high hopes for the future of digital transformation. According to John Accardi, principal of enterprise solutions for Microsoft at Mazars, this has changed customer expectations too. 

“Consumers expect technology to make transformation quicker and easier in different areas, whether its increasing margins, increasing sales, decreasing outstanding receivables or better automation internally that might make employees more efficient,” he says. “Overall, though, the aim is to improve their bottom line.” 

The Microsoft team at Mazars uses a range of Microsoft solutions, including Dynamics 365, to help organisations across all industries – from retail to manufacturing – achieve these benefits, meet their goals and solve their unique challenges. 

“Our Microsoft practice is focused on the entire Dynamics 365 stack,” says Accardi. “We have certified implementers and industry experts who understand those business applications on a deep level, and they also understand the business that those applications serve. 

“For instance, we have a dedicated finance team that comprehends back-office operations and accounting. When they implement the financial part of Dynamics 365 for clients, they can advise on best processes, listen to how they do their accounting today and advise on ways to streamline or make it more efficient.” 

To give an example of how Mazars is utilising new technology to support back-office and warehouse functions, Accardi references a recent project with a robotics organisation. 

“We delivered Microsoft Dynamics 365 warehouse distribution integrated with the third-party robotic system to our manufacturing clients, this is helping make their warehouse distribution more effective,” explains Accardi.  

Mazars is continuing to invest in Microsoft’s expanding portfolio to ensure it can continue to support clients’ growing needs and meet their expectations.  

“Our Microsoft practice is investing in the metaverse, Microsoft HoloLens, AI and Copilot, and we’re also using those tools internally to be more efficient,” says Accardi. 

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