JourneyTEAM simplifies member experiences with Dynamics 365

JourneyTEAM simplifies member experiences with Dynamics 365

Firm has helped Mountain America Credit Union to improve member interactions    

Richard Humphreys |

Mountain America Credit Union, which offers a full suite of financial services to over 100 branches in Midwest America, wanted deeper insights into member interactions but was limited due to disparate systems.  

The finance and insurance company tried various customer relationship management (CRM) systems, but user adoption was low as the systems did not integrate with frontline employee tools, making it difficult to achieve customer satisfaction goals and connect with members. 

JourneyTEAM stepped in, helping to design and establish a unique omnichannel experience where Mountain America users can easily access all customer data. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Mountain America can connect its member data and manage all members’ transactional needs. 

In addition, JourneyTEAM wrote a plug-in that pulls data from a Mountain America-written application programming interface when an employee opens a member’s account record in Dynamics 365. This means any interactions with a specific member are logged and are easily accessible. Security roles, flows and automated processes were also implemented to save time and effort for Mountain America’s user. 

Developers from JourneyTEAM and Mountain America incorporated Dynamics 365 to update new member data in real time using a plug-in, and when a new member is added to the system, a Mountain America user is automatically assigned a checklist of tasks to ensure their information is integrated properly. These connected systems can also track any new member activity or comments in one location. 

The omnichannel member experience can currently handle incoming phone calls and chats but will be expanded to include text messages in the future. All of Mountain America’s users and services can be seen in its customer relationship management platform, and interactions are easily directed to the correct user. Supervisors can use dashboards to see how users are doing and how many phone calls, chats or text message activities are happening. They can also join in-progress activities to assist colleagues. 

Individual branches can also use this omnichannel implementation to log feedback from members, and thereby help Mountain America’s service centre to improve processes and enhance member service communications.

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