Kelverion releases new Runbook Studio for Azure Automation

Kelverion releases new Runbook Studio for Azure Automation
The update integrates with Git framework for automation collaboration and version control

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner Kelverion has released the latest version of its Runbook Studio – its software which enables users to build automation solutions through a drag-and-drop, code-free approach. The update integrates with Git framework for new team collaboration and version control functionalities. 

The team collaboration capabilities help automation teams work together on projects. Any changes to runbooks (compilations of routine operations that system administrators carry out) can be reviewed and tested before being added to the master source. With version control, users can also view files from a remote server. 

The new version comprises two tiers: a Basic Tier and a Professional Tier. According to Kelverion, the Basic Tier provides a streamlined version of the Runbook Studio, which is connected to one named Microsoft Azure Automation account. 

“Our Basic Tier provides those with an interest in automation the chance to try [the] Runbook Studio,” said Greg Charman, a vice president at Kelverion. “We’re delighted to offer a free tier of the studio; users have the opportunity to sample the environment and produce their first runbooks.”

Meanwhile, the Professional Tier offers new features as a result of the Git integration, such as allowing managed service providers to alter runbook releases for a range of customers. 

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