KFM uses Dynamics 365 to improve patient experience

KFM uses Dynamics 365 to improve patient experience
Microsoft solution manages purchasing so doctors can spend more time with patients

Elly Yates-Roberts |

KFM, a subsidiary of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve hospital experiences by enabling doctors to spend more time with their patients. 

KFM manages the purchasing and delivery of medical supplies and equipment for the London hospital, and its staff now use Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations running on Azure to order, track and trace, and pay for medical supplies and equipment across the Trust. This was previously done by clinicians using multiple systems, which Microsoft says was “time-consuming and inefficient” and meant “clinicians had to divert some of their time from patient care”.

Since implementing the solution in 2019, KFM has eliminated many manual and paper-based processes, and supply chain staff now use Dynamics 365 on tablet devices so that they can work on the move and in real time. “Not only does this improve productivity, but it enables the KFM team to apply efficient supply chain management which has a positive impact on delivering patient care,” said Microsoft, in a news story about the implementation

“King’s is one of the capital’s busiest acute Trusts, so a critical part of ensuring high-quality patient care is to ensure that systems and processes are as productive and efficient as possible,” said Andrew Lockwood, chief executive of KFM. “By using Dynamics 365, KFM has released clinicians from routine ordering, checking storerooms and dealing with suppliers so that they can spend as much time as possible with their patients. The team and I are very proud that we are able to play a role in improving the patient experience by leveraging new technology.”

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