Liquidware joins Azure programme for Windows Virtual Desktop deployments

Liquidware joins Azure programme for Windows Virtual Desktop deployments

Firm’s adaptive workspace management suite facilitates remote and hybrid working for customers 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Technology firm Liquidware has joined the Microsoft Azure Migrate Program to help businesses fast-track Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) deployments. 

Liquidware has partnered with Microsoft to ensure enterprises have the resources and licenses to ensure a seamless move to WVD on Azure. Using Liquidware’s adaptive workspace management suite, customers can begin working in remote and hybrid environments via the cloud. 

“Ever since the first announcement of Microsoft WVD back in late 2018, Liquidware has partnered and worked closely with Microsoft to deliver solutions to enable smooth migrations to WVD,” said Tyler Rohrer, co-founder and head of strategic alliances at Liquidware. “As an inaugural launch partner in 2019, we have seen a dramatic increase in WVD adoption, particularly in the last 12 months. Offering complimentary licenses to fast-track migrations to WVD is going to further accelerate adoption and continue to embed Liquidware at the heart of these deployments.”

The firm also provides a free assessment with Stratusphere UX to help customers migrate to WVD. This assessment includes recommendations to right-size for WVD, an inventory of customers’ end-user desktops, current end-user experience scoring, application assessments and more. 

“We’ve seen a steady increase in the use of cloud-based desktops over time,” said Mark Bowker, senior analyst at ESG. “However, with so many organisations utilising this type of digital workspaces to accommodate a work from home requirement, the past year has seen a dramatic increase. Liquidware’s fast-track programme will no doubt aid the on-boarding of more users to WVD.”

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