L’Oreal and Microsoft release AI-powered beauty app on Microsoft Teams

L’Oreal and Microsoft release AI-powered beauty app on Microsoft Teams


Users will be able to apply seamless filters that add makeup and blurring effects

Users can choose from 12 different digital makeup and beauty looks that are designed to help them feel more confident during meetings

Amber Hickman |

Beauty company L’Oreal has launched an artificial intelligence-powered beauty app for Microsoft Teams.

The Maybelline Beauty App is powered by Modiface, an augmented reality technology designed for the beauty industry and owned by L’Oreal, that identifies over 70 points on the user’s face to create a virtual map and allows a seamless filter application.

“We make sure the virtual makeup looks really realistic, adapts to the light, and follows the movements of the person on camera,” said Edgar Maucourant, director of software development at Modiface.

There are currently 12 different digital makeup, beauty and blur effects that can be applied in Teams.

“Sometimes, you’re taken off-guard by an unscheduled meeting, and makeup wearers often find that everyday makeup doesn’t translate well on camera,” said Stephane Lannuzel, beauty tech programme director at L’Oreal. “With ModiFace and L’Oreal technology in Teams, you just click to activate digital makeup in an instant.”

The application is currently available in preview mode and will initially roll out ot Microsoft Teams enterprise customers.

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