McLaren uses Logitech to boost innovation, creativity and collaboration

McLaren uses Logitech to boost innovation, creativity and collaboration

Firm’s worldwide teams use conferencing and desktop solutions to work together effectively

Elly Yates-Roberts |

McLaren Group has implemented solutions from Logitech to boost innovation, creativity and collaboration. The Formula One racing firm’s widespread workforce is now using Logitech conferencing and desktop solutions. 

Recent expansion at McLaren created collaboration challenges due to an increasingly remote employee base. The firm also wanted to provide staff with tools better suited to the modern workplace and specific job roles.

McLaren’s IT team wanted a solution that was scalable, supportable and compatible with a range of cloud video platforms including Microsoft Teams. It also wanted to implement solutions that could be tailored to the individual roles of its staff. 

It installed Logitech USB-connected conference cameras in a range of meeting environments, deployed Logitech 4K webcams to user desktops and trackside teams, and implemented the Logitech A/V touch control console for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business in meeting rooms.

To meet the varied needs of the McLaren workforce, Logitech also delivered an extensive user profiling service for its desktop peripherals, helping McLaren better understand which solutions could help staff be most productive.

“What a lot of people don’t realise is that McLaren is really a technology company,” said Karen McElhatton, group chief information officer (CIO) at McLaren Group. “We rely on a team of world class technology specialists to keep us at the cutting edge. As CIO, part of my role is to make sure that IT is an enabling force. Ensuring our teams can communicate and collaborate with ease is a big part of that. Logitech’s systems have become an integral part of how we work here at McLaren.”

According to Logitech, the combination of video conferencing tools and desktop peripherals have unlocked a deeper level of productivity and teamwork at McLaren. “By allowing users more intuitive and streamlined ways of performing and collaborating, far flung teams can now work together as if they were in the same room,” read a statement from Logitech. 

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