Media Technology Summit: providing solutions for the film industry

Media Technology Summit: providing solutions for the film industry


SMPTE event in Hollywood on 16-19 October 2023 will host presentations on new technologies, covering cloud security, the metaverse, media transport, Web3 and more

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The Media Technology Summit will take place on 16-19 October 2023 at the Ray Dolby Ballroom in the Ovation Hollywood, California, to provide solutions for film industry issues, presentations on new technologies and networking opportunities.

The event, hosted by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), will feature several guest speakers covering a variety of topics. For example, Juan Reyes, manager of SMPTE Hollywood and vice president of cloud security and assurance for the Americas at Convergent Risks, will host a technical session on lighting reproduction, the use of the metaverse and breaking the ‘fourth wall’ through extended reality.  

Nvidia’s Thomas Kernen will also chair a session, covering media transport, cloud streaming for ultra-low-latency cloud gaming and virtual reality applications, the use of 5G cloud, and delivering ultra-low latency video with WebRTC Data Channels.

Various Microsoft partners will also be at the event including Cinnafilm, MediaKind and Harmonic. For example, Randy Fayan, senior director of engineering at Avid will be speaking on enhancing content creation workflows through advances speech-to-text techniques. Meanwhile, Thomas Guionnet, fellow research engineer at Ateme will be discussing the future of video compression and using machine learning.

Furthermore, various partner solutions have been utilised for the event. AI-Media's LEXI Automatic Captioning and LEXI Viewer will push captions to event displays during the Emerging Tech and General Sessions.

Other subjects covered at the event will include Web3 content distribution, personalisation and real-time streaming performance optimisation.

In addition, SMPTE has introduced a new Solutions Hub venue for the event, which will feature solution-based exhibitors, host several emerging technology sessions and provide space for attendees to connect. The Solutions Hub will be open 17-18 October.

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