Metcash partners with Microsoft to transform supply chain management

Metcash partners with Microsoft to transform supply chain management

Microsoft Australia

Platform powered by Dynamics 365 will help firm to improve order management

Amber Hickman |

Metcash, a wholesale distribution and marketing firm based in Australia and New Zealand, is using the new Microsoft Supply Chain Platform to transform how it manages order orchestration and fulfilment.

The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and harmonises data across an organisation’s supply chain without it needing to invest in new enterprise resource planning, supply chain management or point solutions. It will enable Metcash to facilitate advanced order management, orchestration and fulfilment.

The platform will also enable Metcash to optimise order fulfilment by using data from Dynamics 365 and built-in intelligence to predict and identify disruptions to supply and using Microsoft Teams to communicate the impacts of any issues with external suppliers.

“By using our data more effectively, we see this as a real opportunity for us to drive better interactions with our suppliers and our customers to create a much more efficient supply chain,” said David Reeve, chief information officer at Metcash.

Metcash’s Project Horizon digital transformation plan also includes deploying Microsoft’s workplace applications across the business, migrating legacy environments to Azure and loading data into Azure Synapse Analytics.

“Recent global events have highlighted the importance of supply chain resilience,” said Ray Smith, vice president of supply chain business applications at Microsoft. “This requires companies to have a modern data strategy that enables greater visibility, agility and connectivity across their supply chain solutions and processes.”

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