Microsoft 365 is strategic and widely used, finds new Martello report

Microsoft 365 is strategic and widely used, finds new Martello report

Research highlights the use of the productivity suite in the modern workplace

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft 365 is “strategic and widely used”, according to a new report from Martello Technologies and IT analytics firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). The research was commissioned to understand how enterprises use the productivity suite in today's workplace.  

The report featured responses from 128 IT leaders in North America and Europe, to gauge the “impact, performance, management, challenges, and best practices of Microsoft 365”, says Martello, with particular attention to Microsoft Teams.  

The research found that Microsoft 365 is widely used across most functions in 81 per cent of the participating organisations, while Teams is used by 88 per cent of organisations. EMA suggests that this growth is caused by the sudden reliance on Teams as the primary collaboration and meeting tool when businesses moved to remote and hybrid working models.  

The research also suggested that Microsoft 365 is important for smooth business operations, with 70 per cent of participants reporting that an outage would cause critical or high impacts. 

Despite the suite’s valuable capabilities, the report showed that organisations are not investing sufficiently in its management. Many respondents said that delivering consistent Teams performance and identifying and resolving problems are their biggest challenges.    

Read the full report.  

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