Microsoft and EY to create ‘$15 billion growth opportunity’ for customers

Microsoft and EY to create ‘$15 billion growth opportunity’ for customers

Expanded partnership will work on solutions to help regulated industries move to the cloud

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and EY are expanding their long-standing partnership to create what they describe as a $15 billion growth opportunity for their customers and drive technological innovation across industries. 

The two businesses will work on modernising back-office operations and collaborate on cloud solutions for regulated industries – such as financial services, energy, health, government and manufacturing – to accelerate digital transformation and help clients overcome regulatory hurdles when moving to the cloud. 

“Today’s announcement is the next step in our longstanding relationship with EY,” said Judson Althoff, executive vice president at Microsoft. “It means we will be able to provide greater overall technical expertise for our customers’ cloud strategies through new solutions and platforms. In addition, our collaboration will enable customers in regulated industries to bring the power of the cloud to their back-office operations, fundamentally changing how they harness data to drive critical business functions.”

Microsoft and EY will also build a ‘data fabric solution’ to help organisations harness the value of enterprise data. Customers can use EY Trusted Data Fabric to automate data processing and access it with artificial intelligence-powered data management capabilities. Combining this solution with Microsoft’s Power Platform will add more capabilities to EY Azure-native managed services platforms, helping clients to create products and quickly innovate.

“The power of the EY and Microsoft relationship is deepening as we help people around the world, and support clients to do more with their data in areas previously underserved by technology, such as tax and finance,” said Andy Baldwin, global managing partner of client service at EY. “We are building on our collaborative success in multiple domains to help businesses and governments save costs, monetise data, realise long-term value and create agility. 

“With this significant expansion of our relationship, we will leverage Azure, Power Platform and combined EY and Microsoft engineering capabilities to support organisations and businesses to modernise back-office operations, leverage the cloud and accelerate transformations with new Microsoft-enabled solutions and platforms.”

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