Microsoft and Human Horizons create AI vehicle assistant

Microsoft and Human Horizons create AI vehicle assistant
Partnership aims to reimagine the driving experience for people worldwide

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Human Horizons has partnered with Microsoft to create the HiPhiGo artificial intelligence assistant for its electric vehicle HiPhi, which will reach production by the end of 2020. 

According to Microsoft, the partnership will work to achieve “Human Horizons’ ‘3 Smart’ strategic blueprint (smart vehicle, smart transportation and smart city)”. To do so, the onboard AI assistant will “enhance the connection between vehicles, cloud-based platforms, and user-centric services within the ‘vehicle-road-city’ ecosystem”. 

“HiPhi, as a future-oriented innovative mobility company, and Microsoft, with its established technological expertise, are outstandingly well-matched,” said Ding Lei, CEO and founder of Human Horizons and HiPhi. “Together, we look forward to shaping the future of automotive mobility.” 

Microsoft will provide expertise in computer voice and vision, natural language processing and search engine databases to enable seamless human-machine interaction. 

The HiPhiGo AI assistant will also allow Human Horizons to offer new in-vehicle experiences for the HiPhi using telematics. 

Going forward, Microsoft says that the partnership will develop “a smart computing lab to further explore the integration of AI technologies for next-generation connected vehicles”. 

“We are thrilled that HiPhi has chosen Microsoft,” said Yongdong Wang, Microsoft corporate vice president. “Human Horizons has profound experience in vehicle design, engineering, and vehicle intelligent systems. As Human Horizons and Microsoft join forces, we look forward to supporting the company with cutting edge AI technologies for the development of the vehicle, road and city ecosystem, and to reimagine the driving experience for people everywhere, together.”

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