Microsoft and National FFA to help drive innovation in agriculture

Microsoft and National FFA to help drive innovation in agriculture

Blue 365 initiative will give students the skills and technology they need to solve future challenges

Rebecca Gibson |

Microsoft has joined with the US National FFA Organization to help more than 650,000 FFA student members access the technology, science knowledge and research and entrepreneurial skills they need to drive innovation in the modern agricultural industry.

The Blue 365 initiative will enable National FFA students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to understand how precision agriculture, big data, cloud technology, robotic systems, advanced communications and other digital technologies can be used to create more sustainable ways to solve the world’s critical agricultural challenges.

“Today’s FFA members are our future industry leaders,” said Mark Poeschl, CEO of National FFA. “The future relies on connecting diversity of ‘innovational’ approach, solutions-orientation and cutting-edge technology. We are excited that Microsoft shares our vision of Blue 365. Through agricultural education and FFA, our members are evolving their skill sets for the 21st century demands; they will be the change in our industry. Blue 365 can be the spark needed to create the next big idea in agriculture.”

The Blue 365 initiative will kick off in Indianapolis, Indiana this October at the 91st National FFA Convention & Expo. Students will be able to visit a 17,000-square-foot interactive space named The Blue Room, which will showcase the cutting-edge technology, research and innovation happening across the agricultural industry.

“FFA students across America will lead the food and agriculture industry into the future. They must have opportunities to integrate digital skills into both their classroom studies and project-based learning,” said Mary Snapp, corporate vice president and lead for Microsoft Philanthropies. “Our partnership will help ensure that curriculum is up to date so that these young leaders can use technology to drive innovation in farms of the future, sustain and renew our planet, and enrich their communities.”

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