Microsoft and Stc Bahrain partnership to enhance Bahrain’s digitisation

Microsoft and Stc Bahrain partnership to enhance Bahrain’s digitisation


Microsoft will work with Crayon and Stc Bahrain to help enhance the digital transformation journey of Bahrain

Telecommunications firm will work with Crayon to offer Microsoft services to business customers

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Telecommunications company Stc Bahrain has partnered with Microsoft and cloud solutions provider Crayon to offer Microsoft services to its business customers.

The partnership aims to enhance Bahrain’s digital transformation journey and to position the firm as a provider of the latest Microsoft technology and services. Customers will be able to use the solutions to combat workload difficulties and enhance their productivity.

“We are delighted to partner with Microsoft and Crayon to deliver cutting-edge technology services and products for our business customers that support them on their digital transformation journey,” said Nezer Banabeela, CEO of Stc Bahrain. “The partnership signifies our commitment to provide the latest offerings for our business customers to keep them up to date with the latest technology solutions that will help them succeed and contribute to Bahrain’s digital economy.

“The partnership will also increase economic digitalisation and improve the way businesses conduct their operations, and we are proud to be at the forefront of enabling digital efficiency in the Kingdom.”

Stc Bahrain will offer the full Microsoft portfolio including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

 “Our collaboration with Stc Bahrain speaks to our commitment to support businesses across Bahrain to support the digital transformation in the country,” said Charles Nahas, general manager of Microsoft Middle East. “Together with our partner Crayon, we look forward to enabling Stc Bahrain enterprise customers to leverage our trusted scalable innovative solutions to achieve more innovation, more resilience and more agility with less time and less cost.”

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