Microsoft and VISR provide HoloLens training at new Hull hub

Microsoft and VISR provide HoloLens training at new Hull hub
The Digital Realities Centre aims to bridge a digital skills gap, cut costs and make tasks safer

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and mixed reality partner VISR have opened a new technology hub in Hull, UK, to provide HoloLens training and enhance UK digital skills. 

The Digital Realities Centre features a 1,000 square-foot simulator that will accommodate companies as they work with consultants to improve business operations. 

VISR is also working with training and education providers to help apprentices, students and staff use HoloLens. Training organisation CATCH is one such company whose partnership with VISR aims to bring mixed-reality solutions and training to companies in Yorkshire and the Humber area.

“By bringing state-of-the-art technology like HoloLens and mixed reality to Hull, VISR’s Digital Realities Centre will help students and apprentices learn faster and more comprehensively,” said Leila Martine, HoloLens marketing director at Microsoft UK. “This will make them more skilled and employable, while also giving Hull-based industrial companies a leg-up in their ability to compete on a national and global scale.”

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