Microsoft China is helping to treat cardiovascular diseases

Microsoft China is helping to treat cardiovascular diseases


It is supporting Capital Medical University to perform remote auxiliary treatment for patients

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft China is working with Capital Medical University in Beijing, China, to explore how technology can be used to prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The partnership was announced at the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services and will involve the two organisations using Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality technology to open up broader prospects for medical and health innovation.

Capital Medical University, for example, will evaluate how these technologies can be used to screen patients for high-risk factors for strokes so it can intervene early and prevent their occurrence or recurrence. It will use an ischemia preconditioning training device, which allows most patients to easily block and restore blood flow in both upper limbs, as well as prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

The ischemia preconditioning training device will help improve the blood pressure of patients with critical hypertension or refractory hypertension, providing medical assistance when treatment cannot be controlled by drugs.

“With the deep integration of technological innovation and the medical and health industry, patients, doctors and even the entire medical industry will usher in major changes,” said Professor Ji Xunming of Capital Medical University, who developed the training device. “This time, I am very pleased to explore mixed reality technology in stroke prevention and treatment with Microsoft. The application of the device will help us to perform remote visual auxiliary treatment for elderly patients in a more efficient way, which will greatly facilitate patients to seek medical treatment, improve the efficiency of doctor-patient communication and treatment, and effectively solve the difficulties in stroke prevention and treatment.

“Protecting people’s lives and health is always a priority. The original mission of our medical staff is to use technology to popularise healthy life, optimise health services, and build a healthy China. The health of the elderly will be more secure, and the lives of the elderly will be happier.”

In addition, medical staff are using Microsoft HoloLens to  help diagnose and understand illnesses. The devices is also helping patients to visually understand diagnoses too.

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