Microsoft China supports autonomous driving company Yuanrong Qixing

Microsoft China supports autonomous driving company Yuanrong Qixing


The start-up business will use Azure cloud capabilities to extend its driving platform overseas

Alice Chambers |

China-based autonomous driving start-up Yuanrong Qixing has extended its partnership with Microsoft to use the Azure cloud to accelerate the development of autonomous driving platforms for the mass market.

Yuanrong Qixing has developed an L4-level autonomous driving solution, which would enable vehicles to operate safely without human interaction, even if things go wrong or there is a system failure. To date, the company has already carried out extensive self-driving road tests with Robotaxi, a self-driving passenger car, and Robotruck.  

The company will now use the capabilities of Azure to improve the safety performance of its autonomous driving platform, which will enable it to mass produce the solution and expand it overseas.

“As an autonomous driving start-up that started early in China and has the advantages of independent research and development, Yuanrong Qixing is committed to creating safer, more reliable and smarter L4-level autonomous driving, which will serve China and the rest of the world,” said Zhou Guang, CEO of Yuanrong Qixing. “In the process of actively expanding our global layout, Microsoft is our most important global partner. Microsoft provides intelligent computing capabilities covering the cloud and edge, which can help us fully release the power of automation. The innovative potential of driving technology, and Microsoft's global services and safety compliance guarantees, can better help us expand a broad business space in overseas markets.”

Yuan Yituo, vice president and general manager of the enterprise commercial division at Microsoft China, said: “The rapid development of the digital economy has accelerated the development of China's auto-industry. Digital transformation and innovative development have also made more Chinese auto companies embark on globalisation. Microsoft can provide comprehensive cloud and edge services, as well as security compliance, to help Chinese auto companies to go global. We are very pleased to deepen our partnership with Yuanrong Qixing and use Microsoft Intelligent Cloud to promote China's leading autonomous driving technology.”

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