Microsoft Education encourages better learning and teaching opportunities

Microsoft Education encourages better learning and teaching opportunities

The company’s solutions and partnership with Bett 2022 are improving educational technology

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft Education has responded to the shift to remote and hybrid learning by developing improved educational solutions and devices, and promoting the importance of educational technology through events like Bett 2022.

Bett 2022, being held on 23-25 March, helps the education community to ensure educators, schools and learners are equipped with the right tools  inside and outside the classroom.

Microsoft’s solutions, many of which are showcased at the event, provide an inclusive learning environment with tools such as Immersive Reader for all students, including those with special educational needs or disabilities, and pupils with English as their second language. Microsoft also ensures that platforms are trusted, secure and future-proof hardware for senior leaders, teachers, staff and IT teams in schools.

Microsoft recently released a new Reading Coach experience on in Microsoft Teams, designed to provide support for students and  help educators save time. Reading Coach automatically generates personalised exercises based on  students’ specific reading needs. Microsoft solutions also provide feedback and data insights on social and emotional skills through immersive learning experiences such as Minecraft: Education Edition.

Additionally, Microsoft is running a training programme in partnership with Made By Dyslexia to help teachers spot, support and empower pupils to improve their learning, as well as working with the National Association for Special Educational Needs (nasan) to take a digital approach to make education more accessible and inclusive.

Annamarie Hassal, chief executive of nasan, spoke at Bett 2022 on accessible solutions to education alongside Hector Minto, senior technology evangelist at Microsoft.

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