Microsoft Education helps to create AI-powered learning experiences

Microsoft Education helps to create AI-powered learning experiences


Tools powered by Azure OpenAI Service are also enabling New York City Public Schools, PowerSchool and Kahoot! to save time for educators

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Microsoft Education is collaborating with several organisations to create AI-powered experiences that save time for educators and improve learning experiences.

For example, Microsoft is working with New York City Public Schools in the USA to support students and teachers with generative AI tools such as a chatbot that provides personalised IT support. Microsoft is also helping to educate NYC Public Schools students about the responsible use of AI.

“We are committed to taking the lead in understanding and harnessing this technology for our students, especially as AI reshapes the future jobs and careers available to them,” said Tara Carrozza, director of digital learning initiatives for NYC Public Schools. “We also believe it’s critical we learn how AI can support our educators and be most effectively incorporated into teaching and learning by closely engaging with our community and with industry leaders like Microsoft.”

Microsoft is also collaborating with software company PowerSchool to deliver personalised learning pathways built for individual students based on their learning goals with the Azure OpenAI Service. The partnership provides an additional functionality within the PowerSchool Personalised Learning Cloud that leverages AI to create formative assessments aligned to a learning objective, grade level, subject and standard.

PowerSchool uses Azure OpenAI Service to personalise learning

Game-based learning platform provider Kahoot! is using new capabilities offered by the Azure OpenAI Service to further enhance its student experience and save time for educators by improving brainstorming and search functionality. In addition, it can  create quizzes and presentations on any topic within seconds.

Kahoot! uses Microsoft’s generative AI tools to save time for educators

Microsoft is also developing new passage generation capabilities (currently in private preview) in Microsoft Teams for educators to create reading content that can be personalised for both whole classes and individual students by selecting a topic, age, length and language. Educators will be able to generate comprehension questions based on a specific reading passage via Azure OpenAI technology.

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