Microsoft enters new cloud development alliance with Parexel

Microsoft enters new cloud development alliance with Parexel
Organisation to work with biopharmaceutical company to drive innovation in the life sciences industry

Toby Ingleton |

Microsoft has entered a new cloud technology development alliance with Parexel, a global biopharmaceutical services organisation.

The two organisations will work together to drive innovation in the life sciences industry,accelerate drug development and bring new therapies to patients more speedily.

The development alliance will harness the power of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, intelligent services and research and development tools. Paraxel’s clinical and regulatory domain expertise will also be utilised, while Paraxel’s Informatics technology and services will be moved onto Microsoft Azure.

Key aims of the new alliance include the joint development of patient-centric technologies and cloud-based services to help support clinical research for the life science clients.

Xavier Flinois, president of PAREXEL Informatics, said: “Technology is disrupting the established model of research and development in health care. Drug development is becoming more complex, while innovations including social media, analytics, mobile technology and the internet of things are enabling a more patient-centric approach. In combination, Microsoft’s leading innovations and commitment to security and regulatory compliance, along with PAREXEL’s industry expertise, will allow us to bring accelerated drug delivery timelines and improved patient engagement to the industry.”

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Parexel to unlock the opportunities of digital transformation for the life sciences industry,” said Peggy Johnson, executive vice president, business development at Microsoft. “By combining the global scale and intelligent capabilities of Microsoft Azure with Parexel’s biopharmaceutical expertise, together we will help life science companies to accelerate the drug-development and commercialisation process, all built on a foundation of trust, security and compliance with the Microsoft cloud.”

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