Microsoft Europe’s ten biggest news stories of 2018

Microsoft Europe’s ten biggest news stories of 2018

Round up includes Volkwagen’s shareable car of the future and POLITICO’s Election Hub using Power BI 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

2018 has been a busy year for Microsoft. It has launched new versions of its Surface Go device and updated tools to help companies implement artificial intelligence (AI). It worked with customers and partners to deliver innovative technology solutions. And it has made even greater investments in healthcare, showcased in Christopher Bishop’s discussion with The Microsoft Research Podcast and Aridhia’s use of Azure

Here are Microsoft’s ten biggest stories of 2018, as mentioned in a recent blogpost.

1. Volkswagen’s future of connected, shareable cars

2. This time it’s personal: the financial industry is banking on AI to better serve customers

3. The future of fashion and retail

4. Medicine Man: How AI is bringing humanity back into healthcare

5. Knowledge is the best defence

6. POLITICO Europe elects Microsoft technology to power its innovative new Elections Hub

7. The secret of productivity

8. Girls in STEM: the importance of role models

9. Healthcare with heart

10. Transforming a thousand-year-old city into mixed reality

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