Microsoft Hong Kong partners with NWD to help robotics and AI start-ups

Microsoft Hong Kong partners with NWD to help robotics and AI start-ups


Microsoft Hong Kong and NWD’s Eureka Nova have teamed up to support robotics and AI start-up businesses in the Greater Bay Area

Technology firm is providing access to various Azure products as part of accelerator programme

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Microsoft Hong Kong has partnered with development and investment company New World Development Company’s (NWD) Eureka Nova to create an accelerator programme for international start-ups in Hong Kong’s Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Eureka Nova, an open innovation platform powered by NWD, launched the GBA Accelerator programme in September 2021. The first cohort of participants are start-ups focused on developing robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that want to scale their businesses across the GBA.

Microsoft has been supporting the programme by assisting start-ups to build, run and manage applications on Microsoft Azure. The organisations have used a variety of solutions running on Azure, including AI, internet of things, machine learning and mixed reality.

GBA Accelerator is also identifying opportunities from NWD’s residential, retail and construction business units to help organisations to increase their customer engagement and improve their automating services in property management.

To date, some of the solutions successfully developed during the programme include Trace’s augmented reality tour guide technology, DeepBrain AI’s real-time video synthesis, speech synthesis and natural language processing solutions, and R-Storm’s autonomous window cleaning robots.

Learn more about the accomplishments of the GBA Accelerator cohort.

“A robust, trusted, and secure cloud infrastructure is essential for innovative companies in this cloud-first era,” said Cally Chan, general manager at Microsoft Hong Kong. “As part of our mission to deliver enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure to support the GBA’s digital economy, we launched Azure Availability Zone in Hong Kong last year to add additional capabilities and improve resilience for companies in the GBA. As the sole technology partner of the GBA Accelerator programme by Eureka Nova, we support and encourage innovative international start-ups to land their innovations on Azure technology to develop scalable and agile solutions in a secure environment and bring their ambition to life. We wish to continue paving the way for more tech unicorns to enter the GBA.”

Eureka Nova has now opened the application process for the next cohort of GBA Accelerator participants.

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