Microsoft introduces caption customisation for Teams

Microsoft introduces caption customisation for Teams


Updates to the Microsoft Teams platform have been rolled out for desktop and web users

The new features will help to personalise the user experiences and make meetings accessible to all

Laura Hyde |

Microsoft has launched two new updates to Microsoft Teams – profanity filtering control and customisation for live captions – both of which are designed to improve meeting experiences while making the platform more accessible to all users.

The filtering functionality will be turned on by default and censor profanities in live captions and live transcriptions. However, if users wish to see every word of their meeting as it is said, they can now turn off the filtering in the captions and transcription settings tab. This setting can be personalised to each individual user within the meeting and is not controlled by the meeting organiser or Teams administrator.

Users can also customise the positioning and presentation of captions in meetings. The biggest change users will notice is the caption window now displays three caption lines as default, with the added ability to expand the window to see up to a maximum of four additional lines (depending on caption window height and font size).

The caption window settings, which can now be accessed via a new button on the top right corner of the caption window, allow users to choose between several different configuration options. The languages section enables users to specify the spoken language for the meeting, while the styles section allows users to specify the colour and size of the caption font, as well as set the position (above or below the meeting) and height of the caption panel.

Microsoft has also added the ability to scroll back through the previous minute of displayed captions. The full name of the speaker associated with the captions will also be displayed above the captions window.

All of these new features are available on the desktop and web versions of the platform, allowing users to personalise their meeting experience in a way that works best for them.

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