Microsoft partners with KX Insights to aid financial services sector

Microsoft partners with KX Insights to aid financial services sector
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The collaboration will deliver new applications and services aimed at capital markets

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has partnered with FD Technologies, a data-driven group of businesses, to expand the reach of KX Insights, a streaming data analytics platform. The partnership aims to deliver new applications and services aimed at capital markets.

The platform will be embedded into Microsoft Azure and will target new applications and services that will accelerate the innovation and growth of organisations in the financial services sector.

Through the partnership, KX Insights on Azure includes the integration of a third-party streaming analytics solution on the Microsoft cloud, making it quick and easy for enterprises across all industries to use. The solution targets the growing demand across industries for solutions to analyse real-time streaming and historic data. Features of the solution include event processing, high-performance analytics and machine learning interfaces, all within one platform.

“KX Insights delivers industry-leading, real-time streaming analytics solutions that transform how firms derive insights from market data,” said Bill Borden, corporate vice president of worldwide financial services at Microsoft. “Combining the full range of Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud capabilities with KX technology and expertise, we look forward to empowering our capital markets and financial services customers with new, compelling solutions for faster decision-making and innovation.”

The collaboration between Microsoft and FD Technologies aims to help the capital markets ecosystem, assisting in exchanges, buy-side frames and sell-side institutions to create insights to help with real-time decision-making.

“Enterprises will benefit from the unrivalled performance, scalability and security of KX Insights optimised for Microsoft Azure,” said Seamus Keating, CEO of FD Technologies. “In addition, we are excited to partner with Microsoft in developing technology solutions that address the demanding requirements of financial services organisations, particularly in capital markets where KX has a market-leading position. This is a landmark agreement for KX, with significant strategic benefits supporting our growth ambitions.”

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