Microsoft partners with Mistral AI to ‘unlock new commercial opportunities’

Microsoft partners with Mistral AI to ‘unlock new commercial opportunities’

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French startup will use Azure AI infrastructure to accelerate the development of its LLMs, which will be made available for Microsoft customers on Azure

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Microsoft and the French artificial intelligence startup Mistral AI have begun a multi-year partnership to “unlock new commercial opportunities, expand to global markets and foster ongoing research collaboration,” according to a Microsoft press release.

The partnership is focused on three core areas to “build trustworthy and safe AI systems and products,” according to Eric Bord, corporate vice president of the Azure AI Platform at Microsoft.

First, Microsoft will support Mistral AI with Azure AI supercomputing infrastructure to train its large language models (LLM).

Second, Mistral AI’s LLMs will be available on Microsoft Azure, marking Mistral AI as the second company to host its LLM on the platform after OpenAI. Mistral Large, the firm’s new AI model, is available via Azure AI Studio and Azure Machine Learning. Plus, the firm’s new multilingual conversational chatbot, Le Chat, will be made available to Microsoft customers.

Third, Microsoft and Mistral AI will explore collaboration around training purpose-specific models for select customers.

“With Azure’s cutting-edge AI infrastructure, we are reaching a new milestone in our expansion propelling our innovative research and practical applications to new customers everywhere,” said Arthur Mensch, CEO of Mistral AI. “Together, we are committed to driving impactful progress in the AI industry and delivering unparalleled value to our customers and partners globally.”

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