Microsoft partners with Telecom Egypt to extend global cloud network

Microsoft partners with Telecom Egypt to extend global cloud network
Collaboration will improve connectivity, performance and reliability for customers

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft and Telecom Egypt have partnered to extend the Microsoft global cloud network in Egypt. Telecom will provide low-latency connectivity to improve performance and increase reliability for Microsoft customers. 

The partnership aims to increase Microsoft’s reach to the large Egyptian market and enhance connectivity across North Africa and the Middle East. Microsoft’s network investment will increase capacity and use the latest in network optimisation in Egypt.

“Through our collaboration with Telecom Egypt, we are extending Microsoft’s global network in Egypt and improving connectivity across North Africa and the Middle East,” said Yousef Khalidi, corporate vice president of Azure Networking at Microsoft. “We are continuously investing to increase the size, speed, reliability and intelligence of Microsoft’s global network to help enable the digital transformation of organisations and enterprises locally and abroad.”

Telecom Egypt’s global network was built over the years through investments in consortiums and private international submarine cable systems. Its location on the Red and Mediterranean seas has enabled it to connect over 11 cable systems from the east and 13 from the west through the Red-Med Corridor. Its reach and position makes it an ideal partner for content providers. 

“We are pleased to partner with Microsoft as it represents one of the first steps toward our strategic digital transformation plan,” said Adel Hamed, chief operating officer of Telecom Egypt. “Telecom Egypt’s geographical position and its digital infrastructure will enable major cloud providers such as Microsoft to enhance their reach to consumers and enterprises in Egypt as well as reach other markets.”

The new network will connect Microsoft’s global network to transatlantic and trans-Arabian paths, improving connectivity to the cloud regions in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates which are currently being developed. 

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