Microsoft reveals top five predictions for endpoint management in 2023

Microsoft reveals top five predictions for endpoint management in 2023


Microsoft predicts that more employees will want to prove their ability to work from anywhere

Increased adoption of cloud services, security and hybrid work can be achieved with Microsoft Intune

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Microsoft has revealed five endpoint management predictions for 2023, all of which can be supported by its cloud-based unified endpoint management (UEM) service Microsoft Intune.   

1. More firms will turn to cloud adoption

Gartner predicts that nearly 30 per cent of infrastructure-as-a-service and 25 per cent of platform-as-a-service firms will transfer to cloud adoption technology. More organisations will be looking to use cloud-based unified endpoint management (UEM) tools.

A survey conducted by Evercore-ISI in September 2022 also found that 44 per cent of chief technology officers (CTOs) will be increasing their cloud usage in 2023.

2. Security will remain a priority

Evercore-ISI found that 44 per cent of CTOs are prioritising cloud security in 2023. When asked to predict security spending growth in 2026, security was also ranked first, demonstrating an increased investment in security.

“I expect to hear even more about deep fake videos and ransomware as a service in 2023,” said Michael Wallent, corporate vice president of enterprise mobility management products at Microsoft. “We would propose two initiatives to strengthening organisation defences: first, to ensure that security software is properly integrated with a unified console to reduce vulnerability and second, to train staff on how best to be aware of potential attacks.”

3. Increase in worker mobility

As hybrid work becomes more popular, Microsoft predicts that employees will want to prove their ability to work from anywhere. “Next year will see mass adoption of 5G-enabled devices,” said Wallent. “Technology trends will be compounded by demographic trends such as ‘productivity paranoia’ where workers will want to show they are productive, no matter where they are.”

4. Rise in data sovereignty and security

Microsoft has revealed there is an increasing number ofnational regulations regarding data sovereignty. Therefore, endpoint management solutions will need to be updated to ensure that they are adaptable enough to continue to follow country-specific compliance and security rules, which can be extensive for public sector agencies.

5. Transformative technology will prevail

Wallent predicts that more organisations will turn to automation tools such as artificial intelligence this year. For example, CB Insights found that AI start-ups have received more than $100 billion in venture capital investments since 2020. To accommodate this shift, Gartner predicts that UEM and employee digital experience tools will converge to drive autonomous endpoint management and reduce human effort by at least 40 per cent by 2027.

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