Microsoft to launch AI Assurance Program as one of three commitments for responsible AI

Microsoft to launch AI Assurance Program as one of three commitments for responsible AI

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Technology firm will also provide training curriculum and launch new partner program, according to corporate vice president Antony Cook

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Microsoft is committing to the safe development of artificial intelligence, according to a blog post from Antony Cook, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel at Microsoft.

The blog post outlines three commitments Microsoft is making to ensure the responsible and ethical growth of AI.

“Ensuring the right guardrails for the responsible use of AI will not be limited to technology companies and governments; every organisation that creates or uses AI systems will need to develop and implement its own governance systems,” said Cook.

Microsoft’s first commitment is to continue sharing any learnings it makes about developing and deploying AI responsibly, which it has been doing since 2017. The firm is also providing a training curriculum which it will share and use to educate Microsoft employees on the responsible use of AI.

As part of this commitment, Microsoft will also invest in resources and expertise around the world to answer questions individuals may have about the safe deployment of AI.

Secondly, Microsoft is creating an AI Assurance Program to help individuals be sure that the AI applications they deploy on Microsoft platforms meet the legal and regulatory requirements for responsible AI.

The programme will focus on regulator engagement support that will apply what Microsoft calls the ‘KY3C’ approach: know your cloud, customer and content.  Microsoft will also provide a risk framework implementation, customer councils and regulatory advocacy for governments and stakeholders, which involves a blueprint from Microsoft’s vice chair and president Brad Smith.

Finally, the third commitment outlines how Microsoft will support partners in implementing their own AI systems and develop responsible programmes for its partner ecosystem. A team of dedicated AI legal and regulatory experts will be created as a global resource for businesses looking to implement AI systems, and there will also a new partner programme launched to help mutual customers deploy the technology responsibly. The first two partners in this programme are PwC and EY.

Read the full blog post on the Microsoft website.

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