Microsoft to release new capabilities for Microsoft 365

Microsoft to release new capabilities for Microsoft 365
Updates will include streamlined device management and integrated administration experience

Elly Yates-Roberts |

In a new blog post, Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Enterprise Mobility and Security, has revealed a number of new capabilities coming soon to Microsoft 365. These include a modern desktop, solutions for firstline workers, streamlined device management, integrated administration experience and built-in compliance to simplify the modern workplace and protect corporate assets.

“Complexity is the absolute enemy of security and productivity,” said Anderson. “The simpler you can make your productivity and security solutions, the easier it will be for IT to manage and secure—making the user experience that much more elegant and useful. We’ve learned from building and running over 200 global cloud services that a truly modern and truly secure service is a simple one.”

Anderson says that Microsoft is making two enhancements for managing modern desktops. Delivery optimisation enhancements are coming in the Windows 10 April 2018 update which allows one device to download an update and then use the local network to deliver that update to peers.

Second is the Readiness Toolkit for Office (RTO), which helps with users Office VBA, Macro, and add-in compatibility. The Application Health Analyzer (AHA) tool, can assess the dependencies of internally developed apps and help users ensure they remain compatible with Windows 10 updates.

Microsoft is extending the assigned access capabilities for Windows 10, so users can deploy and manage kiosk devices with Microsoft Intune for single or multiple app scenarios.

Kiosks and firstline worker devices are secure, resilient, and performant when deployed with Windows 10 in S mode. With the Windows 10 April 2018 update, Windows 10 Enterprise can be configured in S mode, so organisations can deploy both credential guard and application guard, and benefit from centralised management of the Microsoft Store and Cortana.

In addition, Microsoft is also simplifying its licensing to add the Office mobile apps for iOS and Android to Office 365 E1, F1, and Business Essential licenses. With this change, all users licensed for Microsoft 365 and Office 365, including firstline workers, will be able to use the Office mobile apps and be productive on the go.

Windows AutoPilot now includes an enrolment status page which enables users to ensure policies, settings, and apps can be provisioned on the device before the user gets to the desktop and begins interacting with the device.

Microsoft is expanding this integrated and intuitive admin experience to Office 365 users. This means that users of both Office 365 and Microsoft 365 will now have access to the same admin centre with the same capabilities. For Office 365 users, this means a simpler admin experience that easily integrates with your other Microsoft services.

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