Microsoft updates security capabilities for multiple-cloud and hybrid environments

Microsoft updates security capabilities for multiple-cloud and hybrid environments


New capabilities encompass Defender Cloud Security Posture Managements, GCP Cloud Storage, Microsoft Defender for Storage and Defender Vulnerability Management

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Microsoft has made several updates to its multiplatform protection solutions.

The security scanning and analysis capabilities in Defender Cloud Security Posture Managements will extend to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) within Microsoft Defender for Cloud. This will provide users with a single contextual view of cloud risks across GCP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and hybrid environments.

“Customers will be able to leverage agentless scanning to gain full visibility of their GCP, AWS, Azure, and on-premises compute resources in the cloud security graph and attack path analysis to prioritise and mitigate risk against potential threats,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of security, compliance, identity and management at Microsoft, in a blog post titled ‘New Microsoft Security innovations expand multiple-cloud visibility and enhance multiplatform protection’.

Microsoft is also extending its data discovery capabilities to GCP Cloud Storage so that customers can identify sensitive information types, assess their data security and attack paths.

GCP Cloud Storage

Attack paths can be analysed with a GCP virtual machine (image credit: Microsoft)

In addition, Microsoft has announced the upcoming availability of Malware Scanning in Microsoft Defender for Storage, which will launch on 1 September 2023. This solution is designed to “cut through networking complexities and optimise malware detection for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage in near real time when content is uploaded”, according to Jakkal.

Plus, Defender Vulnerability Management is now available as a standalone solution, which means that customers can use its capabilities across their portfolio of managed and unmanaged devices.

“With the rise of containerisation and microservices, it’s more important than ever to secure the software supply chain and ensure that container images are free from vulnerabilities,” said Jakkal.

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