Microsoft Viva: creating empowered employee experiences

Microsoft Viva: creating empowered employee experiences


Synergy Technical’s Dan Finn explains how the staff engagement platform can improve hybrid working environments, combat burnout and streamline operations 

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With hybrid working as the new ‘normal’ working model, savvy organisations are investing in solutions that deliver an exceptional employee experience to help retain key employees, improve employee productivity and, consequently, increase profitability.

Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index found that 41 per cent of the global workforce considered leaving their employer in 2021 due to burnout. However, our customers are using Microsoft Viva to improve their employees’ experience, no matter where their employees may be working from. Viva helps to put people at the centre of their work priorities and enables them to use Microsoft Teams to manage their day.

By enabling Viva Personal Insights, which is included in all Microsoft 365 plans, our customers can give their employees a personalised and private view of their work habits. Viva Insights, which is built into Teams, shows employees when too many meetings and conflicts are preventing them from carrying out their priorities. Within Viva Insights, users can then configure daily blocks of ‘focus time’ and ‘quiet time’ that mute notifications within Teams and Outlook to concentrate on work, as well as reminders to finish their workday to reduce their chances of working overtime.

Another way that Microsoft Viva contributes to employee engagement is through Viva Engage, which helps strengthen employee collaboration and creates dynamic and engaging work communities. With 43 per cent of remote workers missing casual conversations in the workplace, Viva Engage allows colleagues to connect through text and video messages. This offers time for catch-ups and brainstorming sessions without the need for formal meetings.

In addition, users of Dynamics 365 customer relationship management are taking advantage of Viva Sales to streamline their sales activities. By enabling the Viva Sales add-in within Outlook, sales team members no longer need to jump between multiple applications, appointments and emails. Instead, they can streamline their activities and reduce digital fatigue.

Our customers are excited that Microsoft Viva offers a wide variety of tools to engage their employees, combat burnout and streamline operations. Viva Personal Insights helps users to achieve a better work-life balance, Viva Engage creates new digital communities and Viva Sales saves sales teams time and money by supercharging sales activities.

Dan Finn is vice president of sales at Synergy Technical

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