Microsoft Workplace Analytics lifts the lid on worker productivity

Microsoft Workplace Analytics lifts the lid on worker productivity

The solution analyses e-mail and calendar data to show how people work and spend their time

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Anyone with a Microsoft Office 365 enterprise plan can now take advantage of a new analytics solution that offers more insight into the way that employees work.

Microsoft Workplace Analytics is an Office 365 enterprise plan add-on, and taps into Office 365 e-mail and calendar data to show how people in an organisation work together and spend their time.

A recent Forrester report has found that increasing employee productivity is the number one priority for C-level executives in the next year – something that Microsoft hopes to help them tackle through this new solution, which aims to identify which behaviours create the most productive employees.

“Workplace Analytics provides unprecedented behavioural insights that can be used to improve productivity, workforce effectiveness and employee engagement,” said Ryan Fuller, general manager of the new solution.“

Already the tool is being used by companies to understand more about their top performers, measuring factors such as the amount of time salespeople spend with their customers, how managers delegate work and the time it takes employees to travel to meetings.

Microsoft has been taking advantage of the tool too.

“Our HR Business Insights group is using Workplace Analytics across a variety of initiatives – from understanding the behaviours driving increased employee engagement, to identifying the qualities of top-performing managers who are leading Microsoft’s cultural transformation from within,” said Kathleen Hogan, chief people officer at Microsoft. “We believe people analytics is a competitive necessity for any HR team.”

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