Microsoft’s Yammer network to become part of Viva Engage

Microsoft’s Yammer network to become part of Viva Engage


The Teams application will update in March 2023 to enhance workforce communication

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft is integrating its Yammer social network into Viva Engage, an application within Microsoft Teams, to enhance communication within companies and to encourage authentic expression in the workplace.

Viva Engage will allow users access to several new areas including the Leadership Corner – which is a space dedicated for leaders of an organisation to connect and collaborate – and Ask Me Anything, a dashboard designed for users to meet and ask questions before an event, vote for colleagues and obtain answers directly from their leaders.

Ask Me Anything

Answers in Viva is also a new Viva Engage tab using Viva Topics that uses artificial intelligence to match questions from users within an organisation to the answers that are already available or put them in contact with an internal expert on the subject. Viva Engage also makes use of new analytics tools to better understand and measure employee engagement and determine participation over time.

Viva Answers

The application will be automatically updated through Outlook and available to use via desktop, web browser and within the Microsoft Teams app on mobile devices from March 2023.

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