Moody’s to work with Microsoft on improving data and risk management for financial services firms

Moody’s to work with Microsoft on improving data and risk management for financial services firms


Partnership will deliver next-generation data, analytics, research and risk solutions via analytics platform Microsoft Fabric and new copilot tool

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft is working with global risk assessment firm Moody’s Corporation to co-create new products and services for financial research and risk analysis, which will be built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

Moody’s will combine its analytic capabilities with the scale of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to introduce a new copilot tool – Moody’s Research Assistant – to provide customers with a multifaceted view of risk. The solution will be available via Microsoft Teams to help users quickly compile and summarise information from multiple data sources, all within a secure environment.

Moody’s has also deployed an internal copilot tool – Moody’s CoPilot – to 14,000 employees that combines company data with large language models and Microsoft’s generative artificial intelligence technology to enhance employee productivity.

“Generative AI represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance how companies navigate the ever-evolving world of exponential risk,” said Rob Fauber, president and CEO of Moody’s. “By combining Microsoft’s cutting-edge AI capabilities with our proprietary data, research and analytics, Moody’s is positioned to lead the next generation of risk analysis, helping our customers make better decisions by unlocking deeper, more integrated, and unmatched perspectives on risk.

“We are excited to partner with Microsoft to set the standard for how generative AI will pioneer new advancements across our industry.”

Microsoft and Moody’s will also collaborate to deliver data to their shared customers through Microsoft Fabric, a new analytics platform for end-to-end data analytics platform. Microsoft Fabric includes technologies like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory and Power BI to allow data engineers to easily connect and curate data from multiple sources.   

“Our partnership will bring together world-class insights from Moody’s with the capabilities, trust and breadth of Microsoft Cloud to enable next-generation solutions that will unlock powerful business intelligence and transform productivity and collaboration,” said Bill Borden, corporate vice president of worldwide financial services at Microsoft. “We look forward to the new opportunities and value this will bring to employees and firms across banking, capital markets and insurance as well as those in other industries such as manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation and utilities.”

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