Nestlé uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support business operations and acquisition projects

Nestlé uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support business operations and acquisition projects


Food retailer improves compliance, in-store POS transactions, employee training and more after migrating to solution with the help of KPMG in September 2022 

Amber Hickman |

Global retailer Nestlé has improved business operations, data regulation and marketing campaigns since it started using Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Nestlé began implementing Dynamics 365 solutions in September 2022 to enable it to become more flexible and adapt to different business models across the world by using low code/no code programmes. 

Technology partner KPMG helped the organisation develop its implementation framework and migrate business data to Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management and Commerce. 

Implementing Dynamics 365 helped Nestlé to re-acquire the Nespresso brand in Saudi Arabia by ensuring the solution was secure and compliant to the regulations set by the country. 

In addition, the solutions have enabled Nestlé to improve supply chain reporting and tracking, achieve better compliance with local data privacy regulations, enhance Nespresso employee training, expedite point-of-sale transactions in stores, add native language speakers in the customer service centre, and build greater brand affinity with customers through new email marketing campaigns. 

“Thanks to built-in automations and functionalities in Dynamics 365, productivity increased in both boutiques, call centre and after-sales activities, drastically removing paperwork and allowing employees to spend more time on value-added tasks, which improved both customer service and profitability,” said Manuel Sancho, global acquisitions and business development manager at Nespresso. 

The organisation plans reuse the framework to help with future acquisition projects. 

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