New ClickLearn podcast episode focuses on how firms can engage ‘generation TikTok’

New ClickLearn podcast episode focuses on how firms can engage ‘generation TikTok’


VisualSP CEO Asif Rehamani discusses the rising preferences for learning through bite-size content

Amber Hickman |

The new episode of ClickLearn’s podcast Digital Adoption Talks, focuses on the rise in bite-size content shared via platforms such as TikTok and explores how it can be used to boost learning and digital adoption for younger workers.

In the ‘Learning for generation TikTok’ episode, VisualSP CEO Asif Rehmani joins podcast hosts, Microsoft most valuable professional Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher, to discuss how this new method of content creation can be used to enhance employee experiences, increase user adoption and reduce support expenses.

“We're living in the TikTok world,” said Rehmani. “I completely believe that this is the generation that's going to replace all of us in the future. We need to understand short attention spans; how do you accommodate that within learning and within the different phases of learning, so individuals have the information they need as close to them as possible to help them do their job.”

Rehmani and the hosts also discuss the challenges faced by employees with the increasing complexity of computing, and the limitations of cloud computing for users.

Listen to the episode.

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