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New Komprise solution to help Microsoft Azure users cut data management costs by 70 per cent

New Komprise solution to help Microsoft Azure users cut data management costs by 70 per cent


Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure enables businesses can “do more with less” while migrating to the cloud

Alice Chambers |

Data management firm Komprise has extended its partnership with Microsoft to provide a new data management solution for Microsoft Azure users.

Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure allows businesses to tier unused data from any on-premises or cloud-based network-attached storage solution to Azure Blob Storage, cutting storage, backup and disaster recovery costs by an average of 70 per cent.

“Every organisation in the current environment is looking to do more with less while reducing cost,” said Jurgen Willis, vice president of Azure specialised workloads and storage at Microsoft. “The rising cost of on-premises storage is a pain point that we are pleased to tackle in collaboration with Komprise. Since Komprise tiers data to Azure in native readable format and provides data workflows, customers can cut costs and leverage the full power of Azure services to address artificial intelligence, big data, security and compliance use cases.”

Komprise screenshot

Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure allows users to reduce the amount of unused data in Azure Blob Storage accounts (image credit: Microsoft)

The solution is the result of Komprise’s Azure File Migration Program, which launched in February 2022 and aims to make Azure migration more accessible for users.

“More than 100 enterprises are already using Komprise through the Microsoft Azure Storage Migration Program because of its simplicity and convenience,” said Krishna Subramanian, chief operating officer of Komprise. “The new Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure extends this ease of use by allowing customers to use services such as Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender for Storage, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure AI with data copied or tiered from on-premises.

“Azure customers can use their existing Azure contracts and utilise their Azure Consumption Commitments through this specially priced Komprise offer in the Azure Marketplace.”

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