New OpenAI ChatGPT service now available on Microsoft Azure

New OpenAI ChatGPT service now available on Microsoft Azure


Users can integrate artificial intelligence and natural language processing into their business systems to resolve customer support issues faster, deliver personalised recommendations, automate claims processing, and more

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft has released its enterprise-grade OpenAI ChatGPT service on Microsoft Azure to enhance business opportunities with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Microsoft customers and developers across a variety of industries can directly integrate ChatGPT into business systems and applications, for example to resolve customer support issues faster, deliver personalised recommendations and automate claims processing.  

“Users can also use a variety of Azure cognitive services and Azure OPenAI services to create a new generation of AI applications for enterprises,” said Eric Boyd, global vice president of AI Platforms at Microsoft in a recent Microsoft blog post.

The ChatGPT model is designed to add business value for Azure OpenAI service users including Microsoft partners. For example, the Office Depot Corporation (ODP) was building a chatbot powered by ChatGPT to support its international business units with the aim of reducing workloads for its human resources teams. “By leveraging ChatGPT’s natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, ODP aims to streamline its internal operations,” said Carl Brisco, vice president of products and technology at ODP.

Furthermore, contract management software provider Icertis is applying AI to contracts so its customers can increase revenue, reduce costs and ensure compliance across their workforces.

“Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI ChatGPT provides a powerful tool to leverage our data lake of over two billion metadata and transactional elements,” said Monish Darda, chief technology officer at Icertis. “Generative AI will act as an intelligence assistant that will unlock insights throughout the contract life cycle, helping businesses to fully realise the intent of their commercial agreements.”

Microsoft customers and partners can also create new intelligent applications and solutions to differentiate themselves form competitors using the low-code/no-code platform Azure OpenAI Studio.

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