Nigab automates AP processes with SignUp Software

Nigab automates AP processes with SignUp Software

Alcohol supplier deployed ExFlow through Microsoft Dynamics 365 tosave time and money

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Over the past few years,  Sweden-based wine and spirit supplier Nigab had been experiencing a growing number of invoices that were becoming increasingly difficult to manage. To help with this, Nigab collaborated with SignUp Software to implement a modernised accounts payable (AP) automation solution.

After trialling two alternative technologies that took too long to enter into its enterprise resource planning system, Nigab replaced its agnostic AP automation solution with ExFlow, which can be easily deployed through Microsoft Dynamics 365.

ExFlow enables users to bypass long and time-consuming invoice approvals processes, since auditors can certify correct invoices efficiently. Since implementing the system in 2019, Nigab has saved a significant amount of money, that would have otherwise been used on new integration costs, and time on manual processing.

“We are dealing with wine and liquor, so it’s important that product managers can check the vintage of the wine themselves without disturbing the purchasing department or finance team,” said Marie Adolfsson, finance manager at Nigab. “With ExFlow, everyone has access to the history and details on the invoices so they can do their jobs and we can be more orderly.”

At the start of the collaboration, SignUp Software assigned a project manager to Nigab, who has worked to understand the firms processes and requirements, and therefore ensure that ExFlow is being used to its full potential to benefit the company.

“The support from SignUp Software is great,” said Adolfsson. “They are very attentive and helpful whenever we have support issues. They always listen to us and our needs, and are open-minded to developing ExFlow further.”

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