Object Theory releases collaboration app for Microsoft HoloLens

Object Theory releases collaboration app for Microsoft HoloLens

The technology is being used by enterprise customers in custom application development projects 

Richard Humphreys |

Object Theory, a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, has launched Prism, a collaboration app for HoloLens which allows geographically dispersed users to share and discuss three-dimensional objects and environments.

Prism is a demonstration of Object Theory’s Mixed Reality Collaboration Service, which helps organisations to design and build holographic shared experiences by allowing collaboration in real time from remote locations, enabled by life-size 3D avatars and spatial audio chat.

“Prism provides HoloLens users around the world with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with holographic objects and environments in their real world,” said Michael Hoffman, Founding Partner, Object Theory. “We’ve been working on our Mixed Reality Collaboration Service for two years, and after deploying it successfully for several client projects, we felt it was the right time to release a free application on the Windows Store that demonstrates to HoloLens users the power of collaborative computing.”

The Mixed Reality Collaboration Service includes support for customised avatars, display of 3D models at table top and true scale sizes, audio chat with spatial sound, and annotations. This helps organisations improve communication with efficient viewing and discussion of 3D models, regardless of the participants’ location.

 “At its core, Prism is about showcasing the power of collaborative computing with Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality,” said Raven Zachary, Founding Partner, Object Theory. “Our public release of this application is just the beginning of showcasing next-generation collaboration scenarios, something we expect to be a major focus for Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality applications in the years to come.”

This technology by Object Theory is currently being used in custom application development projects by enterprise customers. The app can be downloaded from the Windows Store. 

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