Parallels to launch new Windows Virtual Desktop integration

Parallels to launch new Windows Virtual Desktop integration

Solution aims to improve user experiences, IT admin capabilities and automated processes

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner Parallels is to launch its new Windows Virtual Desktop integration, called Remote Application Server18 (RAS 18), in December 2020 to help businesses improve user experiences, IT admin capabilities and automated processes. 

Parallels says that RAS 18 “will enable organisations to cost-effectively deploy Windows Virtual Desktop, other virtual desktops and applications as a seamless unified solution to knowledge workers wherever they are located”. 

Through the RAS 18 console, Parallels aims to provide IT admin staff with a solution that extends and simplifies the capabilities of Windows Virtual Desktop by unifying the management of multiple resources and workloads. 

Parallels says managing and deploying Windows Virtual Desktop and existing applications on RAS 18 enables users to manage deployments and tasks from a centralised point; deliver Parallels RAS and Windows Virtual Desktop environments, users, sessions, and processes efficiently with advanced metrics and capabilities; automate and streamline administrative routines; deploy apps and desktops in hybrid and multi-cloud environments; scale Microsoft Azure and on-premises infrastructures based on demand; and support and deliver legacy applications alongside newer Windows Virtual Desktop workloads. 

“We’ve been inundated with enterprise and business orders for Parallels RAS because CEOs and CIOs need a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution their IT department can implement in less than 24 hours to immediately deliver virtual Windows desktops and applications to any device so remote workers can easily and securely work productively from anywhere,” said Nick Dobrovolskiy, an engineering an support lead at Parallels. “Now, with significantly enhanced support for Windows Virtual Desktop, Parallels RAS 18 delivers more previously unattainable options, customisations and resources to IT organisations to provide new levels of infrastructure flexibility and employee productivity.”

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