PayiQ and SC Soft partner for smart payments in public transport

PayiQ and SC Soft partner for smart payments in public transport
Collaboration will explore contactless ticketing and arrival times on PayiQ’s Azure-based platform

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Ticketing-as-a-service provider PayiQ has partnered with Singapore-based public transport solution provider to develop a new solution for smart payments and ticket validation in the industry. The collaboration will explore contactless ticketing opportunities and ways to share vehicle location and arrival times with users from PayiQ’s Microsoft Azure-based ticketing-as-a-service platform. 

PayiQ’s cloud platform can be used by any operators, cities and districts by introducing a ticket validator (a machine that stamps the ticket to signify that it is in use for that day only) on buses and connecting it to the PayiQ cloud. SC Soft can provide these machines – its Echo validator devices can be pole-mounted or handheld. 

“This collaboration helps to bring cashless and non-contact payment methods for ticketing to passengers and bus operators, enforcing safe distancing in the uncertain times of the Covid-19 situation,” said Punet Kale, director of marketing at SC Soft. “It also represents a strong case study for the use of ticketing-on-the-go where a commuter can use any method to pay for their journey.” 

The two firms will also work together to develop other technology initiatives in intelligent transport and management systems. 

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