PayiQ Tickets launches mobile app in St. Petersburg

PayiQ Tickets launches mobile app in St. Petersburg
Microsoft Azure powered solution allows customers to buy and use tickets with their phones

Elly Yates-Roberts |

PayiQ Tickets has expanded its portfolio with the launch of a mobile ticketing service in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Customers can buy and use tickets with the PayiQ Tickets mobile app, which harnesses Microsoft Azure technology and is available for Android and iPhone users.

“Transport Committee of St. Petersburg Government chose PayiQ’s solution as it fits our need for an easy-to-use mobile payment method,” said Alexander Kleimyonov, head of development and innovative technologies, Transport Committee of St. Petersburg. “We are piloting PayiQ’s QR code sticker solution first on the vehicles of SPb GUP GorElectotrans and are also considering further piloting on the busses of SPb GUP Passazhiravtotrans.”

The PayiQ Tickets app has been in use on Moscow’s Metro service since summer 2017, with the expansion to St. Petersburg marking the next development for the company.

“Our cloud-based technology enables an easy transition from traditional tickets to dynamic products and services,” said Tuomo Parjanen, CEO of PayiQ. “PayiQ Tickets differs greatly from traditional, separate ticket applications. It offers our clients a complete solution without expensive product development and maintenance costs. With PayiQ Tickets our clients can move to a mobile era with unforeseen swiftness. Its key benefits to customers are its easiness and simplicity, everything can be handled with a mobile phone.”

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