Piramal Enterprises transforms internal communication with Microsoft Teams

Piramal Enterprises transforms internal communication with Microsoft Teams
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Embee Software helped the firm create Bulletin for better employee engagement and experiences

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Life sciences and financial services provider Piramal Enterprises is using Microsoft Teams to transform internal communication and improve efficiency. 

Communication between leadership and employees is essential in all businesses, but this was compounded for Piramal during the Covid-19 pandemic, when its extensive employee base needed updates on rapidly evolving developments. The leadership team made key announcements through various media, including email and other platforms, but this made it difficult to receive feedback from employees. 

Piramal’s leadership team wanted to streamline organisation-wide communication and drive employee engagement using a pre-defined template for communicating with all employees concurrently. 

The firm worked with Microsoft partner Embee Software to create a company communication application – called Bulletin – that would integrate with its native Microsoft Teams-based workflows to deliver new employee experiences and boost employee engagement. 

The app is easy to use and offers pre-defined templates for various user segments. Piramal can now easily analyse recipient responses and leaders can access a one-stop messaging platform to communicate with all employees in a unified way.  

“With proven success of Microsoft Teams, adopted widely across our organisation, the integration of the Company Communicator App into the platform has further streamlined employee communication at Piramal Enterprises,” said Viral Gandhi, president and group chief information officer at Piramal. “We appreciate Microsoft’s partnership and support in helping us set up this communication tool successfully, which is receiving a positive response across the board.”

Bulletin is now widely used across the organisation, has enabled the leadership team to collate responses from employees and has drastically reduced the numbers of internal emails sent. According to Microsoft, the platform is helping Piramal achieve timely, regular and consistent communication to reinforce its mission, vision and culture, all while enhancing employee engagement.

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