PROS extends Microsoft collaboration to drive sales AI adoption

PROS extends Microsoft collaboration to drive sales AI adoption
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Five-year continuation aims to improve revenue streams, customer engagement and resiliency 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Artificial intelligence (AI) software provider PROS has extended its collaboration with Microsoft to drive the adoption of AI-powered digital selling.  

The five-year continuation of the partnership aims to help businesses achieve more consistent revenue streams, greater customer engagement and continued resiliency.  

The combination of PROS’ configure price quote (CPQ) and price optimisation and management capabilities, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales could help businesses meet growing demands for AI-guided sales solutions.  

“Business-to-business firms have accepted the fact that they must continue to extend digital selling technology investments if they are to engage customers how, when and where they want to engage and meet tomorrow’s business challenges,” said John Connolly, global vice president of alliances and partners at PROS. “By working with Microsoft to fuel the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 through proven CPQ and price optimisation capabilities, we will not only deliver the most comprehensive and seamless solution to market but also deliver the technology sales teams rely upon to optimise their time and best engage customers so they can achieve more profitable sales growth.” 

According to Pros, the partnership will also address new digital selling avenues, including in manufacturing. By using Dynamics 365 and PROS Smart CPQ, manufacturers can sell complex products from within Dynamic 365 for Sales, which can improve business processing times.  

“In today’s competitive markets, businesses rely on speed, consistency and personalisation to deliver successful business outcomes and buyer experiences,” said Casey McGee, vice president of global independent software vendor partner sales at Microsoft. “The combination of PROS Smart CPQ and Smart Price Optimization solutions used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides unparalleled integration across systems and processes. Together, they provide an end-to-end digital sales experience to meet the broad needs of the market and focused use cases of key industries.” 

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