Remain competitive with AI-first solutions

Remain competitive with AI-first solutions

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Businesses can increase productivity, agility and innovation by using Microsoft cloud and AI technology, according to Girish Ganeshan at Infosys 

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The last few years of digital transformation has seen customers moving to cloud to empower their workforces to achieve agility, productivity and greater relevance in an increasingly competitive global landscape. 

We are witnessing a new phase of ongoing innovation spurred by the democratisation of artificial intelligence technology too. In this landscape, businesses are seeking to set themselves apart from competitors through their inventive prowess and adeptness in harnessing AI solutions. 

There are several ways to boost innovation with AI, including using it to reimagine the user experience. Traditionally, digitalisation has been confined to information management and very little has been explored on user experience as a foundation. However, the use of AI-powered assistants is reshaping employee and customer experiences, and AI-first businesses are embracing Microsoft Copilot, OpenAI, Viva Connection, Sales Copilot and Azure Bots to enable engaging and productive experiences. 

AI can also enable business agility by empowering enterprises to do everything from streamlining routine activities to developing business-enhancing innovations like self-directed marketing, intelligent virtual support, smart insights, language interpretation, and content generation, classification and categorisation. Microsoft Azure AI, Azure Bots, Power Platform, Azure machine translation and speech services, and other services are enabling businesses to automate everyday tasks and instead focus on innovation. 

Adopting efficient AI-driven solutions can also help businesses to discover and compile content, automate the generation of knowledge, improve the precision and pertinence of searches, and simplify the management of knowledge and teamwork. Azure Cognitive Search, Viva Topics, Power Platform, and SharePoint Syntex aid in extracting the right information and engaging in natural language interactions, thereby enhancing employee productivity. 

Organisations can also leverage Microsoft Security Copilot’s capabilities to strengthen security protocols and implement effective, machine learning-based fraud detection and proficiently shield their businesses from potential internal or external threats. 

Infosys Topaz is our AI-first offering to accelerate business value for global enterprises and brings reusable frameworks, assets, platforms, skills and governance for responsible digital design. The solution is helping businesses to increase growth, create interconnected ecosystems and unlock scaled efficiencies.  

Girish Ganeshan is a technology architect at Infosys 

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