Royal Enfield delivers new customer experiences with Dynamics 365

Royal Enfield delivers new customer experiences with Dynamics 365
Motorcycle manufacturer uses cloud solution to capture preferences and feedback

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver better customer experiences across all touchpoints, by streamlining contact procedures and capturing customer preferences and feedback. 

The company’s previous solution was impacting staff efficiency as all processes were manual. A salesperson at a showroom would have to take notes while interacting with a potential customer and enter their details manually later. Having implemented Dynamics 365, the company can now capture customer interests, preferences, and feedback as the customer expresses them in store. 

Using tablets and smartphones, salespeople on the showroom floor can now access a customer’s history with the company with just their phone number, and pick up the conversation from there, instead of starting afresh each time. New inputs from the conversation are added directly to the Dealer Management System to keep the customer’s profile updated, instead of inputting these details manually after the conversation.

The move has also improved interactions with service advisors. Where previously they would note down points on the manual job card and generate an estimate manually, they can now quickly clear a motorcycle for entry into the service centre using a mobile application, query the service history and create new job cards with an initial estimate instantly using a tablet. 

Since the pilot in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, Royal Enfield has already rolled out Microsoft Dynamics 365 to 160 exclusive dealerships in India and is aiming to roll it out across its entire network by the end of the year. It has also rolled out Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Royal Enfield North America and also has plans for its Thai operations too. 

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become the core, pivotal platform where we want to build more digital tools as another layer over it,” said Sudhakar Bhagavatula, chief information officer of Royal Enfield. “We are excited about creating more experiences on the platform for our customers and dealers, to ensure we are number one in customer satisfaction.”

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