Saving lives with Altoura’s spatial collaboration software

Saving lives with Altoura’s spatial collaboration software

Firm helped Thermo Fisher Scientific to deploy digital twins, empower its workforce and battle Covid-19

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a Fortune 500 company and global provider of analytical instruments, equipment, software and services for the scientific research industry. Over the past year, the company has invested in spatial computing solutions from Altoura to enable their customers to solve some of the most complex problems facing humanity, including Covid-19. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific deployed Altoura to business units across the company to accelerate time to market by improving remote collaboration, task simulations and workforce training so it can in turn empower customers with the technologies, tools and pharmaceuticals required in their life-saving work. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific used Altoura spatial collaboration software to enable employees to work together remotely within a photorealistic digital twin of their physical work environments, including shop floors, laboratories and testing sites, so it can educate, train and empower its workforce faster in a simulated virtual environment. 

“With Altoura, we’ve cut training time by up to 60 per cent while improving employee productivity, increasing knowledge retention and reducing training costs,” said Chris Binion, director of innovation at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Those improvements lead to better customer care and faster delivery of products that our customers need for critical research.”

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