Sectigo secures encryption for Microsoft Azure keys

Sectigo secures encryption for Microsoft Azure keys
The integration of Azure Key Vault automates cryptographic password management

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Public key infrastructure provider Sectigo has integrated Microsoft Azure Key Vault with its Certificate Manager to secure sensitive information for enterprises using the cloud platform. 

The integration automates cryptographic key and password management, which simplifies the installation and renewal of keys. 

“As more enterprises use the Azure platform, they need a solution to automate the management of the publicly and privately trusted certificates required to provide authentication, encryption, and digital signature capability to applications,” said Lindsay Kent, vice president of product management at Sectigo. “Microsoft does not issue publicly trusted certificates… [or] issue and renew private Certificate Authority certificates, leaving security administrators with a multi-step process to manage these important digital identities.”

The new offering enables organisations to use Sectigo Certificate Manager to provision and manage cryptographic keys automatically, avoiding lengthy manual procedures. The platform also enables enterprises to install and renew a key without modification to any applications in Microsoft Azure.  

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