Six key trends affecting the future of the manufacturing industry

Six key trends affecting the future of the manufacturing industry
New Microsoft report reveals changes in how firms view, conduct and monetise their business

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has released a report on the six key trends affecting manufacturers and how they view, conduct and monetise their business. 

1. Convergence of IT systems with operational technologies
The IT systems used for data-centric computing are being merged with the operational technology systems that control and monitor processes and devices, creating smarter and more efficient operations for the whole company.

2. The rise of anything-as-a-service  
Driven by growth of the internet of things and the cloud, many organisations are moving from product models to service models to giving their customers more options and greater flexibility.

3. Intelligent Manufacturing
Augmented with smart sensors and advanced data processing, manufacturing is more connected and intelligent than ever.

4. Manufacturing technology is changing
The industry’s technology is continuing to evolve, finding new opportunities to improve manufacturing processes, support employees more effectively and create new products.

5. Adapting to an evolving workforce
As baby-boomers approach retirement and a younger, highly educated workforce is entering the workplace, businesses must rethink how they operate, for example considering people staying in employment for a much longer time and an aging workforce.  

6. Living in an age of uncertainty
In an incredibly polarised political environment, attitudes can shift quickly, making it difficult for companies to plan for the future. Issues with General Data Protection Regulation and Brexit should be cause for an uncertain climate, but the global manufacturing industry is thriving in spite of this. 

Read the full report. 

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